Luxury minibus & day coaches for the music industry


Mercedes Benz Luxury Minibuses & Day Coaches

Nova Bussing have been proving bussing to the music & film industry since 1992. Back in the nineties we solely operated sleeper coaches from 10 berth to 16 berth double deckers. Over the years we diversified into luxury minibuses and day coaches.

Today we now only operate luxury minibuses and day coaches but continue to work with a wide range of clients from small theatre tours to the larger stadium tours.

We work regularly with a wide range of VIP’s and are fully experienced in a variety of journey types. We have worked off on one off ground transport requirements to providing all movements for large tours with detailed itineraries.

All our drivers are professional, experienced and reflect our corporate image. We focus on having a very high standard of vehicle and driver presentation. We own all our luxury minibuses & day coaches and each vehicle has minimal discreet branding. Our drivers are backed up by our operations team which GPS track each vehicle and aid getting you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

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